POLICY OF QUALITY ENVIRONMENT AND LABOR SAFETY  ■To be a leader in quality at our field of production; ■To meet customer requirements and expectations during  production processes in the best possible way, to generate solutions; to comply with national and international  standarts/legislations for timely deliveries;  ■To ensure customer trust, to get into international markets and to compete; ■Without compromising quality, to be open to novelties at all times; to adopt constant improvement at any point as basic principle; ■To ensure employee satisfaction, to respect humankind, environment and nature; ■To ensure prevention of environmental pollution at any stage of production and constant improvement of our  environmental performance;  ■To reduce waste coused by activities at source, as far as possible;  ■To contribute to recycling, to extend life of natural resources by ensuring controlled use of natural resources;  ■To take  environmental and LHLS risk evaluations under control to ensure labor health and safety of customers, visitors  and employees during any and all processes at the firm and minimizing risks;  ■To continue operations with the  target of zero accident;  ■To organize trainings to improve employees, increase environmental awareness and  ensure labor heath and safety under constant improvement;  ■To ensure attendance by all staff in Quality,  Environment and Labor Safety Management Systems to monitor such events and constantly improving the same;  ■Senior management of Maktel undertakes to transmit this policy to all employees and to ensure that it is  understood.