Form Springs From Flat Wire & Strip

On Nowadays, the flat wires are among the essential design elements in many industries. They are mainly used in mechanical engineering, Defense Industry, Automotive, precision engineering and electrical engineering. By absorbing or transmitting forces under relatively large deformations, they are potentially able to store energy and are able to be released again at any point over time.

The band springs are usually shaped straight, flat, curved and helical. The application areas are unlimited and unpredictable.

There are many decisions to be made when designing tape springs, flat springs or leaf springs. These are the specifications for spring type, arc shape and dimensions, spring connection, raw material information, manufacturing and testing options.

In addition to the conditions, the manufacturing and material considerations should also be taken into account.
Maktel Inc. supports its customers to make a choice in suitable for design, with a wide range of raw materials. It also documents every production in detail so that it can provide information for future designs.

The heat treatment after cool styling also requires knowledge and experience. However, not only does the reliability of the spring function depend on the shape of the spring, but mostly on the whole product in which the spring is assembled.

The tape springs also offer final surface operations such as blackout, Zinc coating, cataphoretic Paint, Black Oxide Coating, Solid film lubricant.

Production Range:

Materiel Thickness: 0,1 to 2,5 mm

Flat Width: 1.5 mm to 150 mm

Plate Dimensions: 1500 x 2500 mm

Maktel A.S offers R&D support to its customers for the best solution for Band Springs. You can send data such as solid model 3D, AutoCAD, PDF, Assembly, and function information directly to